Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hej Sverige, Hello Sweden!

Ahhhhh, Sweden. We're happy to announce PicCell Wireless is now available to people traveling to Sweden and amazingly every man working for PicCell has generously offered to travel there on behalf of the company... Thanks guys!

PicCell Premiers Local Mobile Network Access in Sweden

February 22, 2008 marked a momentous event for PicCell Wireless, many of their present contract holders, and the international GSM rental market as a whole. After much anticipation, PicCell Wireless is proud to offer local service in the Kingdom of Sweden.

In cooperation with the TeliaSonera Mobile Networks AB Sweden, the largest Scandinavian mobile network operator, PicCell can now pass on lower rates to its valued customers. This collaboration also provides better reception to PicCell clients while in Sweden (or Sverige). TeliaSonera boasts the most expansive coverage area in the country. This is especially true in Norrland (northern regions like Lappland) where other networks like Tele 2 and Telenor Sverige fall far short of the quality coverage offered by TeliaSonera.

The 2002 merger between the Swedish Telia with Finland’s Sonera has led to the company’s reaching the largest customer base of any Swedish wireless provider. These facts made PicCell’s choice for quality service to pass on to their customers an easy one.

A PicCell Wireless spokesperson said, “This is an outstanding collaboration. TeliaSonera’s vast network and our top-notch Customer Care is a great recipe for quality service in Scandinavia."